2005-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee
The all-new 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee raises the performance bar to a new level by offering 3 engines, advanced offroadability and better on-road ride and handling. Available in RWD and 4WD form.

Pros :
– Powerful engine choices.
– Luxurious interior.
– Improved handling.
– Actual offroadability.
– Just the right size.

Cons :
– No third row seating.
– Limited rear legroom for tall people.
– Outgoing model had more pleasant styling.
– Expected quality control issues.
– Floaty ride.

Review :
The new-for-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee raises the performance bar to a new level by offering improved capability and superior on-road ride and handling in a well-appointed package with a number of premium amenities.

With best-in-class tractive capability and best-in-class power, the newest generation Jeep Grand Cherokee is designed, engineered and built to master every imaginable day-to-day driving condition, whether on paved or unpaved surfaces.

Three new full-time four-wheel-drive systems are available on Grand Cherokee.

Quadra-Trac I utilizes the NV140 single-speed transfer case to provide convenient full-time four-wheel drive with no transfer case lever to shift or driver interaction required.

Offering a single-speed transfer case attracts a new group of buyers to the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup and builds on the capable, entry-level, two-wheel drive versions, which currently account for approximately 25 percent of Jeep vehicle sales.

Quadra-Trac II incorporates the new NV245 transfer case that provides full-time active four-wheel drive, which anticipates and prevents wheel slip for optimum traction during a wide range of conditions. The NV245 also includes electronic shift with a true low-range gear and neutral for towing Grand Cherokee behind another vehicle.

Quadra-Drive II takes unparalleled Jeep capability to an even higher plateau using Electronic Limited Slip Differentials (ELSD) to give customers the ultimate in off-road capability. ELSD replace the Vari-Lock progressive axles used on the Quadra-Drive system from previous generation Jeep vehicles for even quicker response to changing conditions and greater torque capacity.

For the first time ever, the 5.7L HEMI V8 engine is available on a Jeep vehicle to provide best-in-class power. Also, the 3.7L SOHC V6 will replace and deliver even more peak power than the previous 4.0L I6 engine in the Jeep Grand Cherokee lineup. The 4.7L SOHC V8 engine will also continue to be available on Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Jeep Grand Cherokee is the first sport-utility vehicle to offer the Multi-Displacement System (MDS). MDS deactivates half the cylinders of the 5.7L HEMI during cruising and light acceleration to increase fuel economy by up to 20 percent, depending on driving conditions. Ninety percent of peak torque is available from 2400 to 5100 rpm for excellent performance while trailer towing, traveling off-road as well as city and highway driving. A sophisticated Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system tailors throttle response to pedal movement based on operating conditions, and maintains more consistent vehicle speed on rolling grades when cruise control is active than the former mechanical throttle control system.

With approximately seven percent less displacement, the 3.7L V6 produces more peak power than the 4.0L I6 engine it replaces, while producing comparable torque. The engine also provides smoother, quieter operation, added durability, and contributes to better packaging. This engine, first introduced on Jeep Liberty and Dodge Ram models, shares many design features with the 4.7L Power Tech V8 engine.

An all-new independent front suspension provides the driver with a greater sense of precision and control, more precise steering, and reduces vehicle weight and head toss. Front suspension wheel travel is increased 13 percent over the previous generation vehicle, and a tight turning diameter of 37.1 ft. is improved over the current Jeep Grand Cherokee to provide even more nimble handling.

The new five-link rear suspension geometry, including a track bar, also improves lateral stiffness to match that of the front suspension for optimum handling. Also offered for the first time, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) aids the driver in maintaining vehicle directional stability in severe driving maneuvers on any type of surface. Using signals from sensors throughout the vehicle, the system determines the appropriate brake and throttle adjustments for directional stability of the vehicle.

Grand Cherokee’s new rack-and-pinion steering system imparts a more precise steering feel translated to the driver through fewer linkages than a recirculating ball steering system. Even with the 2.5-inch increase in track, Grand Cherokee’s nimbleness and tight turning diameter are maintained with the new steering system.

An all-new five-speed automatic transmission offers smooth shifts and optimum fuel economy with the 3.7L V6. The carryover 545RFE five-speed automatic transmission used with the 4.7L V8 and 5.7L V8 HEMI has been refined for higher-quality shifts while increasing the Grand Cherokee’s maximum towing capacity.

Both transmissions feature Electronic Range Select (ERS) driver interactive shift control for the first time on Grand Cherokee. The shifter provides fully automated shifting when in the “drive” position, or the driver can manually select each gear by simply moving the shifter left and right from the “drive” position. This gives the driver control to precisely match any on-road or off-road driving requirement.

A new stamped steel transfer case skid plate mounts to the transmission cross member and fuel tank skidplate to provide off-road protection to the transfer case.

Grand Cherokee’s new design provides a contemporary return of an athletic appearance. Up front, the signature seven-slot grille flanked by the functional round appearance high-performance halogen headlamps boldly dominates the design statement. These round headlamps unify the unmistakable front-end appearance of the entire Jeep lineup. A proportionally longer hood and greater distance between the center of the front axle and base of the windshield visually communicates a more powerful image. A flatter windshield and faster A-pillar achieves a more athletic appearance. The overall design also helps to improve vehicle aerodynamics and vehicle fuel economy. The body is shrink-wrapped to the package, enabling designers to emphasize the powerful wheel flares. Larger taillamps in the rear feature red and clear lenses for an upscale appearance. Overall, the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee preserves the right-size package that is critical for off-road use and provides nimble on-road handling.

Grand Cherokee’s new interior is rich and inviting with a two-tone instrument panel, door trim and new finishes. Seat contours are precise and ergonomic with increased seat track travel. Increased headroom adds a feeling of even more spaciousness to the interior. The dramatic and elegant instrument panel design offers a high degree of precision and control. In the cargo area, features such as a reversible load floor panel enhance versatility and storage. New premium amenities – including GPS Navigation radio, rear seat DVD, Boston Acoustics audio, UConnect hands-free communication system, Smart Beam and Rear-Park Assist – will be available on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee as well.

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