Ford Escape & F-150 sell well under “Cash For Clunkers”

The U.S. government says the Ford Focus is the top seller under the “Cash for Clunkers” program, but has a different winner, namely the Ford Escape. The discrepancy stems from the government’s old-school way of counting model sales.

The feds consider each model variant a separate vehicle, while counts vehicle sales as a whole. In the case of the Escape, the Environmental Protection Agency counts the crossover as six separate models, including FWD, AWD and Hybrid versions.

While the government’s list of C4C top sellers contains mainly small cars, the list tells a different story. Since the feds count each truck configuration, with GM and Ford trucks each having five versions, as a different model, no pickups made the cut. That was a surprise to many, considering the fact that 83% of the vehicles turned in were trucks, and large pickups have lower fuel economy requirements to work under C4C. On the list, the Ford F-150 comes in at 5th, while the Silverado sits at 7th.

There’s been plenty of healthy discussion regarding C4C, especially with a fresh $2 billion getting dumped into the program’s coffers.

The real top 10 best-sellers:

1. Ford Escape
2. Ford Focus
3. Jeep Patriot
4. Dodge Caliber
5. Ford F-150
6. Honda Civic
7. Chevrolet Silverado
8. Chevrolet Cobalt
9. Toyota Corolla
10. Ford Fusion


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