GM to kill Chevy Kodiak and GMC Topkick

General Motors has been quietly seeking a buyer for their medium-duty truck line for over four years now. Having not found a willing shopper, GM now says they will cease production of the Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC Topkick by the end of July.

The Kodiak and the Topkick faces extinction after the automaker announced that the New York factory where the engines are built in New York would close. The automaker had previously been trying to sell the line to Isuzu, but apparently those efforts failed.

Incidentally, U.S. President Barack Obama’s limousine, while imitating a Cadillac DTS on the outside, is actually built on a Kodiak/Topkick platform. That would make it hard for GM to build more of the tank-like presidential rides. It would also mean the end of Ironhide in the Transformers movie series.

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  • Dillon
    August 10, 2009 | Permalink |

    I think that they should keep the KODIAK/TOPKICK for special order atleast.
    Especially if it keeps IRONHIDE in the Transformer movie. The movie wouldn’t be the same without IRONHIDE

  • david galyean
    October 1, 2009 | Permalink |

    What a STUPID MOVE on behalf of GM! They kept on changing the name, brand all the TIMES confusing their loyal/potential customers!!!!!!!!

    If they contintue to do that. We would buy our brand-new vehicle SOMEWHERE ELSE! No freaking expectation! Now, GM shall wake up and LISTEN to us, customers not the airhead, clueless executivee, designers whom they don’t know what in the world they are DOING!

    If it were me working at GM. I’d DEFINIATELY WANT TO KEEP THE KODIAK Lines running reducing the pricey tag making the customer HAPPY, Period! It’s only way to keep your factory business up and running employing those employees.

    I’ve alway wanted to see a Biscayne 2 door coupe returning back to GM. If you do. I’d definiately purchase it from GM. But unfourantely nope… So, I’m keeping my ’69 Impala instead.

    Thank for your time listening to our concerned comments and prespective.

    Take care,


  • big tity bitches
    October 22, 2009 | Permalink |

    yo this truck is the shit its like 2 doge cummins 3500 turbo disele engines had sex and mad this gmc top kick engine bitchhes

  • David Galyean is a moron
    May 21, 2010 | Permalink |

    Look David, this truck is sweet, yes, but it doesnt sell that well, is a pig on gas and is probably a big money LOSER at its current price for GM. Listening to people like you who say that they should keep the truck going is what fucked them up in the first place. I love the truck, would love to see it keep going but in all honesty, the only “good” versions of this truck are modified by the aftermarket community and are NOT being used by the buyer for their intended purposes. Now how does that make sense to GM to keep a line that only rich dudes with too much money can afford to mess with?

  • Joe Williams
    January 19, 2011 | Permalink |

    i’m one the drivers on my job and i drive the GMC TOPKICK with the duramax diesel in it that engine is no pushover.if the factory that make that engine is closing why not go to detroit diesel and put that jimmy back in and make these trucks even more of a badass truck than they already me old school but that jimmy block made these trucks a badass back then that duramax make these trucks a badass today period!!!

  • BRAD
    June 5, 2011 | Permalink |


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