Tom Hanks still drives his Toyota RAV4 EV

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks recently went on the record to discuss his love for electric vehicles when he cleared up a mistake in a The New Yorker article.

Writer Peter Boyer mistakenly wrote that Hanks once owned a GM EV1. Hanks, star of the new anti-religion movie Angels & Demons, wrote in to say that he never owned an EV1, but rather a Toyota RAV4 EV, and has put 50,000 miles on the crossover he bought in 2003.

Hanks’ wrote to the magazine:

“When the car companies collectively, and, to some, diabolically, decided to take these cars back, the electric vehicles disappeared. But not mine. I have the pink slip. I own that car, and it is still driven every day, albeit by one of my crack staff of employees. My electric car recently crossed fifty thousand miles on the odometer with its original battery but without so much as a splash of gasoline.”

That might make the value of used RAV4 EV models go up again, after they started falling once more mainstream hybrids started hitting the market.


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