Max Motors offers AK-47 rifle with truck purchase

Last year, a car dealer called Max Motors in Butler, MO gave away free handguns with the purchase of a new vehicle. The promotion was such a success that the dealership is at it again, upping the ante by appealing to redneck stereotypes. Buy a new truck at Max Motors and receive a voucher for a free AK-47.

Max Motors owner Mark Muller has generated enormous media coverage from the likes of CNN, Fox News and even the BBC, all of which he is proudly bragging about on his website. Muller explains the dealer isn’t simply passing out AK-47 assault rifles to anyone who purchases a truck. Instead, truck buyers receive a voucher that can be redeemed at any reputable gun shop, where proper background checks must legally be run.

“God, guns, guts and American pickup trucks” is Max Motors’ motto, and Muller says the firepower is needed in MO due to “a persistent meth problem that has contributed to a high crime rate.” Oddly enough, it is ironic that he is playing to American ultra-nationalistic sensibilities with a Russian rifle designed in the Communist era.

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