Hummer H3 electric vehicle by Raser

Raser Technologies, an American firm working on EVs, unveiled a 100+ mpg Hummer H3 powered by Raser’s plug-in hybrid E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle) at the 2009 SAE International World Congress in Detroit.

Raser developed the 100+ mpg Electric H3 demonstration vehicle in association with Hummer. Just one year ago at the 2008 SAE World Congress, Raser and its development partner FEV Inc, a leading automotive integrator, introduced Raser’s E-REV power train, similar in function to the Chevy Volt but designed for use in a variety of large SUVs and light trucks. The vehicle was developed in association with the Plug-in Hybrid Development Consortium, co-founded by Raser along with leading electric utilities, lithium ion battery companies and other automotive technology companies.

Raser CEO Brent M. Cook claims they could make an SUV “greener” than a Prius, and that the vehicle has performed well in initial test-drives and dyno testing conducted by FEV.

The plug-in electric Hummer H3 has a range of about 400 miles, driving its first 40 miles exclusively on batteries before turning on its combustion generator. Most vehicles drive fewer than 40 miles a day, so most drivers would rarely use gas and average more than 100 mpg in gas fuel economy over time.

Raser’s E-REV power train was designed for most full-sized 4WD SUVs and light trucks, which represent nearly half of the vehicles on U.S. roads today.

The Electric Hummer H3 is propelled entirely on electricity by Raser’s 200kW advanced AC induction motor connected to a 4WD transmission. A small high efficiency EcoTech engine uses Raser’s 100KW electric generator to recharge the batteries while driving and provides additional electric power when needed.

A Hummer H3 that is greener than a Prius would indeed count as some sort of a coup.

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  • Sonu
    July 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    Very informative post. Hummer H3 looks best in terms of design and styling in its segment. It is a true value for money car in comparison to its rivals.

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