Home-made monster truck does back-flip

For years, professional racer Rhys Millen has been publicly attempting and failing to perform a back-flip in a Toyota Pre-runner race truck. But it looks like someone else has managed to perform his own back-flip to some degree, in his own monster truck creation no less. There doesn’t seem to be any more info on this small-time feat. For all we know, this could be a sanctioned event in some Southern backwater town, and the truck driver could be a local hero, although we don’t see much in terms of an audience.

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  • Shannon Miller
    September 1, 2009 | Permalink |

    I am with the company Quick Motorsports who owns & operates Larry Quick’s Ghost Ryder Monster Truck which successfully completed the back flip on May 2, 2009 at the Bradford, Vermont mud event with an attendance of over 3000 people. The driver of the truck, Larry Quick, has been professionally racing Monster Trucks for over 7 years and currently has the most freestyle wins in the industry (view our website for proof of this-www.quickmotorsports.com). You stating that little is known on this stunt, Larry Quick’s Ghost Ryder is known world-wide and is extremely well known in the United States. We do not appreciate nor will we tolerate your slanderous comments, not only will we not tolerate it, but it is not legal. Not only is slander illegal, making untrue statements is illegal as well. We request a formal and public apology to be written in an informed manner. If not done, Quick Motorsports will be forced to take action against the writer and publisher of this article based on slander and libelous, false statements.

    Shannon Miller
    Quick Motorsports

  • Sharon
    February 6, 2012 | Permalink |

    Mind your own damn business! Ever hear of free speech??? I can say I was the first one to flip a monster truck…you gonna sue me too? Is there not enough bullshit in this world that you have to be threatened by a “free agent”?? You don’t even hear anything on the video…so where exactly are you getting your information? Because he has “Grave Digger” on his car? Well, I can tell you..where I live there are 2 monster cars and 1 monster truck with the same thing…”Grave Digger” Do you want their addressed too? Were you there? So what if you were…no one out here cares who started it and who does it…the people like what they see. I could see if they were advertising and capatalizing on it, but they aren’t. This looks like it was in a small town where people were having a good time…. You just lost my vote and I will not watch your guy just because you have to be an idiot! I am sure Larry Quick doesn’t give a shit either…so why are being an idiot….. Sorry Larry, but you need to get new people running your show!!!

  • Sharon
    February 6, 2012 | Permalink |

    Sorry…I was mistaken by the name on the car….but everything else still goes… and yes….there is one Ghost Rider in my town too… along with the Grave Diggers…. .. my bad….I was a furious when I saw that comment….

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