Ford Edge hit by lightning while driving on highway

The safest place to be during a thunderstorm is inside a vehicle. A woman in Georgia found that out in reality, when her Ford Edge CUV got hit by a divine lightning bolt while she was driving, and she walked away without a scratch.

According to the Rochester paper, a lightning storm at six in the evening was getting worse as the woman was driving on the highway. As the sky kept getting darker, she kept on moving when suddenly there was a “huge blinding light, deafening explosion and the car was just dead.” Someone up there really hates the Ford Edge.

She managed to slowly roll the dead Ford to the side of the road. It is speculated that the lightning struck the standing radio antenna at the front of the roof, then traveled through the top, proceeded to shatter the rear window and exited through the big Ford badge on the tailgate.

“Vehicles are very safe. It’s the safest place to be in a lighting storm because the electricity has to get to the ground and with the rubber tires it insulates you,” said the manager at Ford’s repair garage where the brand new Ford Edge ended up.

The woman, who was not hurt at all, bought the 2008 Ford Edge, in December. Luckily the sunroof and its shade were closed tight, although the panoramic glass roof was heavily cracked up. It is a good lesson in what to do while driving in a storm with no tall buildings around.

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  • Chris Peterson
    August 21, 2009 | Permalink |

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