2011 Kia Sorento SX gets new look and suspension

Back in March, Kia debuted a new top version of the Sorento crossover, dubbed the ‘SX.’ The announcement included word of a redesigned front clip and more equipment, with a lower ride height and Dual Flow Damper shocks, which Kia says deliver sporty handling without undue ride harshness.

The existing Sorento had a pleasant highway demeanor, but it was stiff and brittle on potholed roads, acquitting itself more like a body-on-frame vehicle than the unibody CUV that it is. Fortunately, Kia noticed this ride quality issue and decided to take the costlier DFD dampers and employ them not just on the new SX model, but across the model’s entire range beginning in the fourth quarter. Kia officials did note that once engineers sampled the DFD setup on the SX, they liked the ride so much they decided to institute the new units on all Sorento models.

Other SX-specific alterations include LED taillamps and chrome inside-and-out.

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  • A KIA convert!
    March 20, 2011 | Permalink |

    We recently bought a new 2011 KIA Sorento SX (2-26-2011), and after driving it for 1500 miles so far…we can truthfully say we are extremely pleased with this SUV. If I had to describe this vehicle using just one word…it would be “value”!

    It’s Made in the USA (west Point, Georgia), has a 100,000 mile 10 year warranty, has real substantial quality and is well made and designed. Plus it looks great, it has it’s own design character…not a clone of any existing SUV like the like Toyota/Honda’s! The interior is well equipped and nicely crafted with real leather, red instrument lighting, big screen navigation system/sound system/bluetooth Infinity 550 watt 10 speaker sound. The 3rd row seat is a nice touch, and is actually useable for short drives or shorter people!

    The performance is quite good, best in class 276 horsepower from a twin cam V-6 that is matched to KIA’s own 6 speed auto. 26 mpg is easily achieved.

    In summary…we love it and you owe it to yourself to do more research, compare and test drive a new KIA Sorento. You’ll buy one if you do!

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